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19.karen green(non-registered)
God's creation and you captured it on film.
18.Steve Ruttenberg(non-registered)
Excellent job. Keep up the great work.
17.Mark R Lawrence(non-registered)
we have a similar path I also started photography in the late 60's I shot with Yashica then Contax then Pentax645 to the digital world starting with Nikon D100 to D2x and am now still loving the D3. What are you shooting with at this presant time.
Your photo's are Awesome.
16.David Williams(non-registered)
Wonderful site! Love all the images Jim :)
15.Floyd Pierce(non-registered)
I came to your sight from IOMUG today. All the pictures impress me greatly, giving me the desire to go west even in my 80th year.
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